BGaming World-Proud Pill God Chapter 54NetEnt6 Holy Pill Realm

Chen Xiang didn’t chase after him immediately, but was by Liu Menger’s side, the black shadow just now was not pounced on him, but Liu Menger, so he wanted to protect Liu Menger here. After the flames were extinguished, Chen Xiang and Liu Meng’er only saw a middle-aged man with wings on his body. He was wearing clothes made of animal skins, and his appearance was very ordinary. He was looking at Chen Xiang angrily. “Sure enough, it’s a shape-changing monster, but he can’t use his true energy in the Evolution game, how on earth did he survive the Nirvana Tribulation.” Mozzartbet Chen Xiang asked doubtfully. “His physical body is very strong, your punch just now was not weak, but now he is fine.” Liu Meng’er said with a frown. Chen Xiang also discovered that if his punch hits someone in another nirvana state, it is enough to make people vomit blood, and the flames can penetrate into the human body and burn the internal organs. “Birdman, why are you attacking us.” Chen Xiang Parimatch asked loudly. The middle-aged man with wings in the premier league obviously didn’t like this kind of address, he roared angrily, like a falcon roaring, his figure was like an arrow, and Chen Xiang flew over again, although the speed was very fast, but Chen Xiang But it seemed very slow in his eyes. With the sound of “pa”, Chen Xiang used the strong fire of the universe to display the power of subduing demons. Although it was only a single sound, the power was very powerful. What’s more, Chen Xiang’s punch this time was not just a punch, but an instant punch. Dozens of punches were fired, and the fists exploded, all of which were violent demon-subduing energy. The shadows of the overwhelming fists were like stormy waves and storms, drowning the “birdman”. In just a few moments, the transformed monster felt as if its body had been struck hundreds of times by violent thunder. The burning pain was like dripping pepper water on the wound.

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