Aoshi Danshen Chapter 53Betking1 to Baoxuan Realm

In Jiangmo Academy, an angry Zheng Chuxun scolded Zuo Zhenxuan with Pragmatic Play. He really couldn’t punish Zuo Zhenxuan severely, because Zuo Zhenxuan had practiced Jiangmojin to the tenth level of Paripesa, which even Zheng Chu himself could not Parimatch. If it is done, there are many people in the Demon Suppressing Temple in the heavens who cannot practice this level. Besides, the Evolution Game School of Conquering Demons now needs a powerful person to be an affiliate, and Zuo Zhenxuan is the best candidate. Although he has killed several powerful elders, it also proves that he alone can rival those elders and Liu Yufang. “I must kill this kid named Chen Xiang, he dared to provoke me, he didn’t take me seriously!” Zheng Chu said angrily, he never thought that Chen Xiang could sneak under his nose Go, this is also a great insult to him. Zuo Zhenxuan shook his head and sighed, and asked, “Elder, you probably didn’t come down to deal with such shabby things as the Demon Conquering Academy. I remember that your status in the Temple of Suppressing Demon Slot Games is not low, and you can dominate the immortals. How could such a trivial matter It will alarm you!” Zheng Chu frowned: “You really know a lot, no wonder, you have been the dean for so long, you have communicated with the Demon Suppressing Temple many times, and you have contacted many people from above , but I want to know who mentioned me to you?” “Hehe, Elder Zheng is young, and it took him only five hundred years to pass the Nirvana. Most of them talked about it.” Zuo Zhenxuan said with a smile, his flattery was neither painful nor itchy, and it was very useful. It is precisely because Zheng Chu has a very high status in the Demon Suppressing Temple, so as soon as he came to the mortal world, he was repeatedly provoked by Chen Xiang, a mortal who is not a fart, which made him extremely angry. Zheng Chu

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