Aoshi Danshen BGamingBetting Chapter 486 You Are Too Young

Chen Xiang felt that a very strong force suddenly appeared on the ice, and a barrier was slowly forming. “A lot of humans have come to this profound realm. They are all top champions league experts in the ordinary martial arts world. I don’t want to attract them here.” Bai Hu said. Chen Xiang was also very worried that too many people would come over, and then they would clash with the White Tiger Warrior Clan. If so many Nirvana realms died at once, it would be a big loss for the Mortal Martial World. “I won’t turn into a beast to fight with you, then you won’t be able to defeat me at all! I can surely bet247 you by using a human roulette.” Baihu smiled slightly. Endorphina cursed secretly in Chen Xiang’s heart, a reincarnated and reborn divine beast, its own betting strength is so terrifying, even if it suppresses its cultivation, it still takes a lot of advantage. Liu Meng’er knew that Chen Xiang was very strong, but she was secretly worried now, because the white tiger had a great advantage, it was a divine beast after all, no matter what experience or anything, it was not comparable to a mortal like Chen Xiang. This White Tiger Divine Weapon was the last one Chen Xiang came to take, but it was so difficult. “Don’t be afraid of this big tabby cat, he also has great advantages, you are a practitioner of the divine way, you have powerful mana, and you can use those magical skills unscrupulously, all you need to do is greet him!” Long Xueyi said. Chen Xiang’s mana is indeed not weak, but so far, he can only use mana to cast the attack supernatural power of Heavenly Dragon Seal, and it still takes time to cast it. “Are you ready for 22Bet? Do you have a bet game? Let’s start when you’re ready! I’ll let you attack first.” Bai Hu said. Chen Xiang’s face was serious, he shook his head: “Wait a little longer!” Baihu didn’t say anything, Chen Xiang couldn’t use the Azure Dragon to Slay Demons

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