Aoshi Danshen 22Bet Chapter 47Slot Games1Chapter 1 Center of the Earth

Chen Xiang flew for three days and killed many strange beasts along the way. When he reached the Betting at the end, he didn’t see anything. There was only a stone wall at Sportybet. “Could it be that I overlooked it on the way What?” Chen Xiang asked suspiciously, while on the road before, Long Xueyi used Shenyou Jiutian to go around here, and found nothing, there is a straight and wide passage under this abyss, Chen Xiang Time to walk back slowly, while paying attention to both sides and the ground. If there is a small hole or Nairabet, he will definitely find it. He walked back slowly for two days, and Long Xueyi suddenly shouted: “I found a small hole. The entrance of the cave!” The entrance of the small cave was on the stone wall, Chen Xiang walked over and saw a small cave on the stone wall close to the ground, “I will use my spiritual sense to see what is inside,” Long Xueyi said, releasing Out of consciousness, he entered the small hole, “This small hole is very shallow, and it will end soon, but there are many spirit patterns around the small hole! I don’t know why Chen Xiang thought that Chen Xiang became a mouse. The hole reached the center of the earth, Shen BetWinnerxiang got down on the ground, touched the surroundings of the small hole with his fingers, he found that the small hole was very round, and there were indeed many uneven things on the wall of the hole , he touched it for a while before confirming that those were spirit patterns, “Could this be a special place to insert keys? “Bai Youyou said, these words reminded Chen Xiang, he hastily took out the Azure Dragon Demon Slayer Knife, although the Azure Dragon Demon Slayer Knife is square, but after merging with a dragon soul, it can change according to Chen Xiang’s mind, he Make the Qinglong Demon Slayer Knife into a cylinder, which is about the same size as the small hole, and it can just fit in.”

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