Alchemy God baccarat Chapter 456 sports betting young versus old

· There is a gazebo in the medicine garden, Chen Xiang and Hua Xiangyue are sitting there, drinking sweet and delicious scented tea, while waiting for Li Baojun to think of the alchemy competition. “”.. Chen Xiang stroked Hua Xiangyue’s straight and long black hair. Hua Xiangyue didn’t talk about him, but just looked at him with a pair of beautiful eyes that were so charming that they could drip water. In her eyes, Chen Xiang was like a Childish, but manly at times. “Little villain, I may have to retreat for a while after I go back. If you have something to do in the future, go find Meng’er!” Hua Xiangyue said. Chen Xiang wanted to give the sports betting Hua Xiangyue a few medicinal materials of the life-returning pill and a fortune-telling fruit, he asked: “How long do you want to retreat? What if I have something very important to ask you?” “Slot Games directly Come to Danxiang Taoyuan, when the time comes, you can directly go to the forbidden area of ​​Danxiang Taoyuan to find me, only Pragmatic Play can enter there with my permission!” Hua Xiangyue took out a white bead and handed it to Chen Xiang. “When the time comes, you can take out this bead and go in safely! Also, after you get in, it’s best not to yell casually, I’ll know if someone comes in.” Hua Xiangyue said. Chen Xiang nodded, took the bead and played with it. “Senior Li, you should have gotten a lot of elixir by guarding this medicine garden.” Chen Xiang shouted to a pond not far away, where Li Baojun was sitting in BGaming thinking about something. Li Baojun said: “Of course, many elixirs are ripe. I can only pick them to continue planting in Evolution game, but most of these are low-level elixirs.” Adjust your state properly!” Chen Xiang curled his lips, and continued to play with Hua Xiangyue’s smooth ponytail, because there was a faint scent from NetEnt on it.

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