Proud Nairabet World Alchemy God Chapter 441 Tianlong Spinmatic Subduing Demons

Liu Meng’er, Gu Dongchen and the others have all seen the white dragon tattoo of Slot Games on Chen Xiang’s body, but they didn’t care about it when they were playing poker, they just got it because they thought Chen Xiang liked dragons. {Rainbow Literature Network}┌┐But now seeing that the white dragon tattoo has a very powerful aura, they can’t help thinking that it is a dragon soul! The beast soul is also a kind of martial soul, and it is also an acquired martial soul! After some powerful beasts die, their flashscore will be left behind. Most of the power of the beast is preserved on this soul. After fusion, they will gain very powerful power, and they will also get some of the beast soul. Martial arts, that is also called beast martial arts! When everyone thought about this aspect, they became even more convinced that Chen Xiang had fused a dragon soul on his arm! Dragons are divine beasts, and beast souls of this level are the strongest, so Chen Xiang’s beast martial skills will naturally be very terrifying. Some people who have watched Chen Xiang fight in Man City, understand why the martial arts used by Chen Xiang always have the shadow of a dragon! Chen Xiang is now relying on Long Xueyi’s strength, he knows that with his own strength he can’t defeat the resurrected Evil Bone Demon Lord, it seems that although he is now Paripesa can kill the Evil Bone Demon Lord to death Suppress it, but only temporarily. His dragon power is limited and consumes quickly, but it can’t cause any harm to the evil bone devil. The evil bone devil seems to have seen this, so he is still very calm. That’s why, with the help of Long Xueyi’s power, Chen Xiang used his strongest Champions League ultimate move, the Heavenly Dragon Seal! The Heavenly Dragon Seal is released not only by relying on human power, but also by using the power of heaven and earth, so it is very real madrid and powerful, and the stronger the caster’s power, the more powerful it can be.

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