The proud champions league Danshen Chapter 426 The Passion of the Last Betway

After the poisonous scorpion king and his subordinates entered the illusion formation, Chen Xiang manipulated the formation to release various illusions, separating them all. Let them not see other evil monsters, and at the same time put them in a dungeon, give them a way to walk, and guide them to disperse. In this way, Chen Xiang doesn’t have to worry about them uniting together and breaking the big formation. Chen Xiang, who was hiding in the phantom array, held the magic suppressing mirror in his hand, and killed those scattered big evil poker monsters one by one, and took out the monster’s heart. He had done this many times before, and now he became very Mozzartbet was proficient, and twenty demon hearts soon came into his hands. Now only the poisonous scorpion king is still in that beautiful valley, he also feels confused at this time, and even launched an attack on the surroundings, his strength is very strong, Chen Xiang can feel that breath from a distance It’s huge, but those powers are all offset by the big formation, and the attack is not very useful. The poisonous scorpion king is deep in an incomparably beautiful valley. He has long been tired of staying in the mysterious world that never sees the sun. Now that he comes to such a place, although he feels happy in his heart, he is still very vigilant because The twenty subordinates of Spinmatic who came with him suddenly disappeared. The Poisonous Scorpion King walked carefully in the valley. In fact, there was no valley at all, it was all imagined by Chen Xiang, but he instilled these fantasies into the Poisonous Scorpion King’s mind through the Betway formation. “This guy is not easy to deal with. It seems that I have to activate the attack formation in this formation.” Chen Xiang killed the poisonous scorpion king again, and the phantom formation he arranged was not as exhausted as Premier League. baccarat. When he was arranging the phantom array, those spirit patterns contained an attacking array

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