Aoshi Danshen Chapter 41 sports betting1Paripesa Purgatory in the Air

Chen Xiang’s impression of this little girl is still very good, he quickly smiled and said: “Thank you, I flew so high just to see how powerful these Vajra Lion Eagles are.” Waiting for you at the end, don’t just quit at this level, I will definitely fight with you in the end.” Lan Lan flew away quickly, her speed was indeed terrifying, Chen Xiang could only turn his wings into Only when he is very big can he fly BGaming faster. It is the full form of Suzaku Firewing. When he casts it, his body will release a burst of Leap flames, turning into the body of a giant bird. At that time, from the ground, he will look like It looks like a huge firebird. Shen Xiang was secretly excited when he learned that there was a diamond lion eagle in front of him. He learned from Wu Kaiming that these diamond lion eagles were the pride of the Temple of Gods. They don’t borrow them, and they don’t allow disciples to take these vajra lion eagles to fight. Chen Xiang not only wanted to see these Vajra Lion Eagles, but also wanted to severely damage these Vajra Lion Eagles! Because he was very dissatisfied with King Quan’s approach, he deliberately sent people to stop him. He believed that other fighters from the King’s Continent would definitely not encounter any obstacles on the road, only he would encounter them. “Vajra Lion Eagle? Now I will let you all know the power of the Suzaku Slot Games divine bird!” Chen Xiang laughed, his heart full of anticipation. Chen Xiang was vigilant about flying, and he didn’t see the Vajra Gryphon even after flying ten times, but he was still very patient. “That cloud in front! Be careful.” Long Xueyi reminded. In front of Chen Xiang, there was a huge pillar of cloud soaring into the sky. Looking carefully, Chen Xiang could see that there was something in the cloud.

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