Aoshi Danshen Chapter 3Bet9ja96 The power bestowed by BetWinner

The king’s bloodline from King’s Continent has completely become famous in the entire mortal martial arts world. Although they know that signing up for the King’s Martial Arts Association will hurt their flashscore, there are still people who continue to sign up to participate. After all, many martial arts practitioners want to challenge the martial artists on this powerful continent, and Nairabet can test their own strength at the same time. Of course, there are also some people who are lucky. If they can reach the finals, they will get a little fame. Five months have passed, and everyone has been waiting for Chen Xiang’s appearance, but there is still no news at all. Gu Dongchen and Wu Kaiming are just beside the deep pit. Hearing Chen Xiang’s screams, they know that Chen Xiang carries out such exercises every day. A cruel and painful practice. Chen Xiang spent five months in the forbidden area, and he had eaten all the Five Elements True Essence Pills, but now he only lit up forty or eighty Baccarat True Essence Pills, only by lighting up five, can he have enough strength, Open his own door to the ultimate, and after stepping into that door, he will let himself practice to the extreme of Betting when he comes to Online Casino! “The last is the Five Elements Xuanyuan Pill, it’s still close, I hope you can succeed!” Huang Jintian sighed, Chen Xiang was able to walk so fast, which already surprised him. After entering the ultimate realm, Chen Xiang will transform again, and at that time he will become stronger. Now, he needs to compress a lot of zhenqi, and after continuous compression of zhenqi, it will become very powerful! For example, when he just stepped into the Slot Games of Zhenwu Mozzartbet, he needed to compress a house into the size of a grain of rice to light up a grain of Zhenyuan, but now he needs to compress a mountain into a grain of rice. The quality of the air will be strengthened, and the impurities inside will be squeezed out

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