Aoshi Danshen Chapter 366 Leap Cloudy Pragmatic play Cloudy

“Don’t worry! We won’t give in. The Chenwu Continent is a well-known continent in the East China Sea, and the martial art here has a long history. I believe Gu Dongchen will be able to deal with it. As for the other sects, I don’t know.” , “Liu Meng’er stroked Xue Xianxian’s hair, smiled, Leng Youlan held the big sword, and said fiercely: “Brother, you are too unkind, when you teach those guys from the Holy Light, Why didn’t you call me!” Chen Xiang roulette said with a wry smile: “Youlan, hit at that time,” this white-haired beauty is a violent woman, if she hadn’t challenged too many people these days, Chen Xiang and She competed in martial arts, now she asks Chen Xiang to call Xiao Chou to fight with her from time to time, Chen Xiang doesn’t dare, Xiao Chou is also very combative, and he is also a member of the strong family, a stubborn guy, he doesn’t know how to pity and cherish jade at all In the Evolution game, he was worried that Leng Youlan would be injured. Leng Youlan snorted: “If the owner of Icewind Valley surrenders to the Holy Light Cult, I will immediately leave Icewind Valley. I am too spineless!” Chen Xiang Secretly laughing, because the owner of Ice Slot Games Wind Valley is Liu Meng’er, and Paripesa is just Leng Youlan who doesn’t know yet, Leng Youlan is talking, and drags Xue Xianxian to the backyard for a martial arts competition. The blood of fighting is flowing, what makes Chen Xiang feel incomprehensible is that Xue Xianxian doesn’t find it annoying, and even has a great time playing Pragmatic Play with Leng Youlan, “Sister Meng’er, why is Hua Xiangyue a baccarat?” Come?” Chen Xiang lay on the window, looked at the two girls who were competing in palm techniques in the yard below, and asked Liu Meng’er with his spiritual sense, “I have given her the medicinal materials, she said she would help me Refined! As for where she went, I don’t know

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