Slot Gamespeaker The God of Alchemy Chapter 351 Retreating to Alchemy (Part 2)

Ji Xiaothief’s work:… Gu Dongchen smiled and said: “Sports betting is also right, I’m here to tell you, we old guys just came back from the Hundred Thousand Magic Mountain, I’m sure what you said, there is indeed a crack there Slot Games “Then the big formation outside the Hundred Thousand Magic Mountain is useless? “Chen Xiang didn’t expect that live betting would lose its effect so quickly, “Yes, we have been guarding outside for a long time!” That crack prevented some powerful evil monsters from the livescore demon world from coming over, but the number of small evil monsters that came over was frightening, and we couldn’t finish killing them for a few days,” Gu Dongchen came with a strong face, and then joined hands to seal Stay in that small crack, otherwise the Hundred Thousand Demon Mountain will be crowded with those little demons!” “Are those demons staying in the Demon Mountain and not coming out?” Chen Xiang has seen that kind of dense crowd of demons gathered together. In the scene, he secretly despised Gu Dongchen and the others for their strength, and even killed them for several days without making a NetEnt decision. That day, Bai Ziqian solved all of them with one move. We are absorbing the devilish energy in the Hundred Thousand Devil Mountain to recover, so we have to quickly plug the crack,” Several powerful headmasters couldn’t finish killing those evil spirits for a few days, so there are so many evil spirits, and Come back again after death, endless, Chen Xiang grinned: “Little Maotou, did you come to me to tell me this?” Gu Dongchen smiled, and said with some embarrassment: “Of course, but Nairabet still There is one small matter that I hope my uncle can help. You should know that there are many powerful masters who came from Paripesa overseas and brought many proud disciples with them. They are not only here to participate in the hero conference, but also to show off !” Chen Xiang sneered,

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