World Proud Pill God Chapter 33affiliateNetEnt6 One Hundred Thousand Magic Mountain

Open fast, is your best choice! Chen Xiang was going to the Heavenly Kingdom of Gods to find someone, which made Gu Dongchen puzzled. He knew that Chen Xiang and Liu Meng’er were very close, and even joined forces to deceive his spar, but Xue Xianxian was Chen Xiang’s wife, so it was fine for Chen Xiang to go to her. “Wait a minute for the Betking empress from Heavenly Kingdom of Gods to come, and then you just go with her! What I’m going to say now is very important. After you listen, you must prepare for your flashscore.” Gu Dongchen said. Chen Xiang nodded. “Presumably you all know about the big storm, right? Now only the core disciples in some sects know about it. The big storm is sure that the Slot Games will come, but you can’t say it now, otherwise the world will be chaotic. “Gu Dongchen said, at this time, another dozen elders came over. “The big turmoil is la liga, which is the legendary Great War of the Three Realms. You should be familiar with this incident, especially during this period of time when it is the most popular.” Wu Evolution game said enlightenedly. The ten disciples at the ninth stage of the True Martial Realm trembled when they heard it. They had long thought of the Three Realms War, but it hadn’t been confirmed yet. What Wu Kaiming said now is true. “Unfortunately, there is a fusion port on the Chenwu Continent, and that will be the opening for monsters to come in! So we will be under a lot of pressure on the Chenwu Continent.” Gu Dongchen sighed. Chen Xiang learned from Long Xueyi that the Mortal Martial World he was in was a relatively large one among the Mortal Martial Worlds. There was a boundless real madrid sea above the Mortal Martial World, and there were many continents on the sea, and the Chenwu Continent It can be regarded as a relatively prosperous continent, because there is such a long history as Taiwumen.

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