Aoshi Danshen Chapter 3 Sportybet0Online Casino Chapter 6 Second Round

Novels, good-looking novels, romance novels, time-travel novels, martial arts novels, online game novels, fantasy novels, YY novels, giant panda literature BGaming, giant panda literature betting learning network background color: font selection: category: author: title: No. Volume Three Volume Three Contents: Silent Little Thief Shen Xiang was not surprised by Wu Qianqian’s speed. Wu Qianqian herself possesses a blue star fire soul, and those who possess a fire soul are many times better at controlling flames and temperatures than ordinary people The sand in the hourglass dews a little bit, and the atmosphere on the roulette becomes very tense, because some alchemists don’t even melt the wax pillars, especially in low-level arenas, which is the most common in casino slots. The level of alchemists in the advanced stage is the highest, and many alchemists can take out those small red ice particles. As the sand in the hourglass has leaked out, the first round of competition has ended. The following is to start counting the red live betting small ice particles taken out by each alchemist. Those who did not take out or took out the least will be eliminated. In the Paripesa advanced competition, Chen Xiang took out the most small ice particles, and he finished it early, and the least was more than 70. According to the rules of the first round, the five who took out the small ice particles and hunted down were eliminated. This made some sixth-level alchemists feel very regretful, and at the same time they were very jealous of Chen Xiang. The little five-level alchemy flashscore masters actually passed the first level, but they were about to be eliminated, which made them feel very unhappy. The low-level arena had the most people eliminated, and many alchemists couldn’t get out the ice particles, and a small half of them disappeared all of a sudden. From this point of view, there are still many people in the low-level arena who are not good at controlling the flames. The next round of 22Bet is the second round. According to common sense,

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