Aoshidan Liverpool God Chapter 2 baccarat91 Fire Martial Soul

, Hua Xiangyue has no shortage of crystal stones, but it’s just for export, so don’t let Chen Xiang give them away. The little villain is really bad, but it’s good that my sister doesn’t hate it, otherwise it will be unlucky. The auction stipulates that you can’t buy your own products. As the auction’s highest responsibility, of course you can’t go Hua Xiangyue said that the Evolution game is easy for Sister Menger to go, so she must not have broken the rules, right? Chen Xiang stuck out his tongue and hurriedly left the Danxiang Pagoda and returned to the Famous Weapon Store. It was still more than a month before the auction started. Chen Xiang was worried that he would not be ready enough to see that the good things were not enough for the real Yuandan, so he had to go to refine it now. Make more True Essence Pills Spinmatic obtained a large number of True Essence Pills in the Xuanwuxuan Real Madrid. If you follow the furnace for five pills, you can refine tens of thousands of pills. Now, although the alchemy speed is fast, it will be difficult to refine all of them within a certain period of time. One hour, ten furnaces, four hours for alchemy, forty furnaces produced 200 grains of true essence pills. It is estimated that about 5,000 grains of true essence pills can be refined by the start of the auction. Now Betway has more than 8,000 grains of true essence pills. I still feel that it is too boring to start alchemy. Chen Xiang gritted his teeth and shut down alchemy in order to be able to leave no regrets in that large sportsbet auction. Taiwu Sect can quickly ripen a large number of precious elixir. Liu Menger came back to Leap and saw a note on the table in the hall. From time to time, Betway can borrow a Parimatch from Huaxiangyue and Liu Menger, but he doesn’t want to appear too spineless and be laughed at by everyone

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