Proud Liverpool Shidan God Chapter 276 High Slot Games Level Competition

Open fast, is your best choice! Chen Xiang stuck out his tongue. Although Liu Menger said it so pragmatically, he was a little happy in his heart, because it was not like what he imagined. Before, he thought Liu Menger would ignore him from now on, but now Liu Menger But the child seems to acquiesce in this relationship. The speed of the Frisbee became faster, and Chen Xiang knew that Liu Menger’s strength had improved a lot after merging with the fire soul, so he was also happy for Liu Menger chelsa. “We’re almost at Fragrance City!” Chen Xiang said excitedly. “Little villain, are you in a hurry to find the little fairy Hua Xiangyue of flashscore?” Liu Menger suddenly became jealous, and said sourly about Slot Games. Chen Xiang smiled and said: “Of course not! Although Hua Xiangyue is a good woman, she is not as nice to Msports as sister Meng’er. At most, she is selling elixir for me to make it cheaper. Sister Meng’er has had a relationship with me. The experience of entering life.” “You little villain, do you know how to use some kind of magic to charm Hua Xiangyue, a little goblin?” Liu Meng’er felt much better, the things that Chen Xiang and her experienced made their relationship better. Since Hua Xiangyue has been wooing Chen Xiang from the beginning to the end, the relationship is naturally not as good as that of Liu Meng’er and Chen Xiang. When he was about to arrive at Mozzartbet in Fragrance City, Liu Meng’er covered her face with a white gauze and said, “We will go to the famous magic weapon store in Roulette in Fragrance City. If you have important matters, just go to Hua Xiangyue, don’t It’s delayed.” Liu Meng’er could see that Chen Xiang would definitely sign up for the alchemy competition when he came to Fragrance City, and he also wanted to purchase some valuable medicinal materials. There will be a large-scale auction here, and if he passes Huaxiangyue Endorphina, he will naturally It’s much more convenient, she doesn’t want Chen Xiang to delay some things because of her feelings. “Dream

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