BetWinner World-Proud Pill God Chapter 261 affiliate White Jade Lotus Seed

After Chen Xiang and the others relaxed for a few days, the Taiwu Sect’s assembly bell rang, but this was a collection of true disciples, that is, disciples above the true martial arts realm. This content is text content. Hundreds of people gathered in a compound in the Taiwu Xuan Realm. Gu Dongchen first praised Chen Xiang and the others for their bravery, and then personally presented them with rewards. This was also the most exciting moment, especially for Zhu Poker Rong said. With one million Surebet247 spars and five hundred True Yuan Pills, bronze medal disciples and silver medal fighters can directly enter the Ace Martial Arts Academy without assessment, which makes many true disciples envious. Gu Dongchen la liga also deliberately summoned these disciples to make them jealous and make Rumble regret it. After the gathering, Wu Kaiming and Gu Dongchen brought Chen Xiang into a secret room. “Uncle BetWinner, your old flashscore made me bleed a lot, and that day’s heart fire was something I kept for a long time.” Gu Dongchen complained. Chen Xiang curled his mouth at Paripesa, and said: “You group of idiots, you were almost given to Leap by the Demonic Dao, and you were sent to die. If it wasn’t for Master Uncle, I broke through the bottleneck in a critical moment, you wouldn’t be able to stay so leisurely like Parimatch now. Here.” Wu Kaiming and Gu Dongchen stopped talking, if it wasn’t for the freak Chen Xiang inside, they might be in a hard fight with chelsa now, they all know how many people are sealed in the Southern Wasteland powerful. “Little Martial Uncle, didn’t you say that you have Foundation Establishment Pill? Can you sell me some for less?” Gu Dongchen asked. Chen Xiang pouted, and raised his head high: “There is a lot of spar, five hundred thousand one, do you want it or not!”

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