Aoshi Danshen Chapter 232 Bet Game Horse Single-handedly

Novels, Good-looking novels, Romance novels, Traveling through Little Parimatch, Martial arts novels, Online game novels, Fantasy novels, YY novels, Giant Panda Literature, Giant Panda Literature Network Background Color: Font Selection: Category: Author: Title: 232, Cold Youlan is a little upset because she also has a copy of the text content of Chapter 232. “Xianxian, Nairabet chopped a guy who was at the fifth stage of the true martial arts into pieces, and this guy from the Aojianzong didn’t mention me. Surebet247” Leng Youlan pouted, she and Xianxian had been together for a long time. We had a special training together, and we’ve become one with each other now, although the two have different personalities, it’s as if they met each other late, and they are very speculative. “I told the premier league that the Slot Games will open. After entering the Southern Wasteland, whoever dares to touch Chen Xiang, don’t blame me for being rude! If you let me know, hehe, I will spare no effort to bring the entire elders’ house with me. Go and destroy the sect that that person belongs to!” Gu Dongchen’s cold and gloomy voice was filled with murderous intent, which made many people’s hearts tremble. Chen Xiang is now offered a reward of 15 million spars, and Gu Dongchen is also worried that some disciples from other sects will fight against Chen Xiang inside. He only needs to warn him, and he will not talk empty words. If Chen Xiang is inside If he was really attacked by a disciple of the righteous sect, he would definitely destroy the Paripesa sect. Some people immediately dismissed the idea of ​​attacking Chen Xiang. In their eyes, Gu Dongchen was a god-killing figure, Spinmatic, because at the Xuanwu Xuanjing, the headmaster of the Beast Wumen and the giants of the Nirvana realm were all There, they all thought that Gu Dongchen did it, so they didn’t doubt Gu Dongchen’s words. “Chen Xiang, you go to the Southern Wasteland first, be careful!” Gu Dongchen

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