Aoshi Danshen Chapter rumbleBetWinner Chapter 97 Tianlong Treasure

The next day, before dawn, Chen Xiang hurriedly came to the entrance of the Profound Realm, the Taidan King Courtyard was inside, but he didn’t know the way. “It’s quite early, come with me!” Wu Kaiming said with a smile, he was also very interested in Chen Xiang, originally Elder Dan chelsa did not allow others to accept Chen Xiang as an apprentice, but now Chen Xiang accepted a real martial artist He became a disciple of Jingjing, and also entered Taidan live betting king’s courtyard. Chen Xiang still doesn’t know what it means to enter Taidan King’s Academy, but Wu Kaiming does! Taidanwangyuan is just a very ordinary-looking house, but the words “Taidanwangyuan” are written on the door, and there is nothing special about it. “Old Martial Chief Affiliate, what kind of place is Taidan King’s Court?” Chen Xiang asked. “Hey, you’ll know as soon as you go in, I’m leaving, take care!” Wu Kaiming smiled very much, which made Chen Xiang have a bad premonition. The spiritual energy in the profound realm is very strong, Chen Xiang felt that if he stayed here for a while, he would definitely be able to cultivate a large amount of true energy, but no matter how fast it was, it would not be as fast as taking the pill. “You came quite early! Did Elder Wu bring you here?” Elder Dan’s voice came from a gazebo not far away. Chen Xiang walked over and said: “That’s right, I don’t know what I’m going to do in this Taidan King’s Courtyard?” “The Taidan King’s Courtyard is the only one for me, and you have to stay here in the future!” Elder Dan said, his tone became very serious. “Why?” Chen Xiang’s heart trembled, it’s not good to stay with such a person all day long! “I’m going to retreat for a period of time to refine alchemy, and you will be the master of this Taidan King’s Academy in the future!” Elder Dan said: “Your

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