Proud affiliate Shidan God Chapter 5 Paripesa 2 Beauty leaves

This article contains 52 chapters, if you like 52 chapters, please bookmark 52 chapters! When Chen Xiang returned to the Pill King Pavilion, he hurriedly went to the secret room to practice, because Su Meiyao wanted to teach him some tricks to prevent poisonous gas, otherwise he would not be so lucky to meet him again in the future. Other book friends are reading: . “Little devil, you should irritate that old guy today, let him attack you, and you can kill him as well, you are too tender.” Bai Youyou was wearing a black dress, leaning against the wall with her hands folded, that Bingqing’s eyes were full of murderous intent. Su Meiyao smiled coquettishly: “Senior Sister, I remember you said at the time that you were very satisfied with the way this little BetWinner did, but now…” Bai Youyou snorted softly: “Poker is not enough to hate him, not enough to kill him Be decisive!” Nairabet “Sister Youyou, are you tired of wearing those clothes? Do you want me to buy some newer and better looking ones.” Chen Xiang said with a smile, in order to please these two beauties, Chen Xiang tried his best. He knew that women like to wear beautiful clothes the most, so he started to rumble in this aspect, and it also received good results. There was a trace of blush on Bai Youyou’s cold face, and her tone became gentler: “No need for now.” Su Meiyao covered her mouth with tender hands and started to giggle, she pouted and said, “You little fellow, my senior sister? What delusions have you been pouring on you? She has more clothes than me, and I’m always so nice to you, and you give me so little things from real madrid, so you’re so biased.” Chen Xiang vomited Tongue, took a breath of the fragrance emanating from Su Meiyao’s body, and said with a bitter face on purpose: “If it wasn’t like this, how could I make Sister Youyou feel superior?” “Hmph,

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