Proud premier league Pragmatic play Shidan God Chapter 37 Great rewards

Everyone in the silent thief was stunned. They originally thought that Chen Xiang might turn the stone into purple, but now Chen Xiang shattered the stone with one punch. This kind of berserk power can’t even be used by the force-measuring stone. bear. Those who beat the power measuring stone into blue and purple before are considered to be the best of the younger generation, but now Chen Xiang can break the power measuring stone, it can be seen that Chen Xiang’s strength has far surpassed those people before! Shen real madrididxiang did not expect such a result. Now that he has smashed his force stone, he is worried that the Yao family will claim compensation from him. “This Sportybet…do I pass it? I didn’t smash it on purpose, I just wanted to test it with the strongest strength, I didn’t expect that luck would be so good, I smashed it all at once!” Chen Xiang scratched his head and smirked with. Everyone looked at him with contempt. It was luck to break the stone. Only an idiot would talk nonsense about him. “Passed!” said the person in charge of the test, if this is not passed, no one can pass. There was another seal on Chen Xiang’s piece of paper, which represented that he could participate in the martial arts competition at the Wangcheng Martial Arts Association. What made him relieved was that the Yao family did not claim compensation for the damage of the force measuring stone from him. Of course, the power tested by Chen Xiang is not all of his strength, he only used the fire attribute and wood attribute zhenqi, and the other three attributes of zhenqi were not used. All fused together, the power roulette will be even stronger! Under Chen Xiang’s many days of training, the attributes of fire and wood can be perfectly fused together, complement each other, and become more powerful zhenqi, making the strength even stronger. This is something that Chen Xiang rarely has in the same level.

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