Evolution game Aoshi Danshen Chapter 7 Dragon Saliva Leap Skill

“This… Betking stop quickly, don’t burn down my Spirit Pill Pavilion!” An old man appeared out of nowhere and hurriedly shouted. The flame in Chen Xiang’s hand disappeared, and everyone in the Spirit Pill Pavilion recovered from the shock. They could all feel Chen Xiang’s anger from the flame just now. “Shen Betting Zhenhua, you are afraid of the flames of me, a waste? Then what are you? Worse than a waste?” Chen Xiang sneered. Shen Zhenhua’s face was extremely ugly. As long as his brain is healthy, no one in Premier League would try this kind of flame. The city lord’s daughter also had a small mouth, and she looked at Chen Xiang in surprise. She can also understand the power of that kind of flame It can be seen that she lowered her head slightly at this time, because she looked down on Chen Xiang just now, but who knew that Chen Xiang was hiding it. “Pavilion master… this kid.” A middle-aged man came and said to a short old man in white clothes behind Chen Xiang. The old man just stared at Chen Xiang with an unbelievable expression on his face, his eyes were full of shock and ecstasy. This old man is the Pavilion Master of the Spirit Pill Pavilion, a famous alchemist, but he has some issues with Chen Xiang’s grandfather. “Little brother, can you be my apprentice? La liga” the old man asked, which made everyone on the first floor of the Lingdan Pavilion tremble. The pavilion master actually opened his mouth to accept apprentices! Surebet247, the owner of the Lingdan Pavilion, even opened the door to ask others to be his apprentices. You must know that the children of aristocratic families who want to be the master’s apprentice of the Lingdan Pavilion can line up at the gate of the city. All the people in Slot Games were stunned by Endorphina. They were shocked by Chen Xiang’s potential. Although he didn’t have spiritual veins, he could release the fire of true energy. This was indeed a good seed in the eyes of alchemists. Chen Xiang scratched his head, and said lightly: “Although I want to, but you and my grandfather

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