Dark BGaming Night Ranger Sixth Man City Chapter Sixteen Confirmed!

It’s like a book, the home of reading books! For mobile phone users, please visit M.haoruo “” chapter “” chapter The words of the earth elemental monarch aroused Marvin’s curiosity. The creature with nine elemental life patterns he killed just now must have some relationship with the earth elemental monarch. It just so happened that it took thirty minutes for the tiramisu’s ability to recover, so the earth element man city monarch took this opportunity to explain the ins and outs of the matter. When the book of Naru exploded, many pages were scattered in all directions, some of BGaming were in Feinan, and some of 22Bet flew into the sky. Many people don’t bother to search because of the horror of this book. However, there is only one exception. Then the affiliate is the earth elemental monarch. He witnessed the self-destruction of that god’s kingdom of God, and saw the huge turmoil in the kingdom of God in the heavens. So when that page of the Naaru flew across his world, he subconsciously stopped it. Who knew that this block almost brewed a huge disaster! This page of the book of naaru, the name Parimatch is called Beast. In everyone’s heart, there is a chelsa beast. It’s just that we have kept it in a cage, but this page of the book of the naaru can release the terrifying beast in people’s hearts! Originally, elemental beings are pure-hearted and ascetic, and rarely encounter situations where their minds lose control. Not to mention a figure standing at the top of the universe like the earth elemental monarch. He is very confident in himself, and he believes that it is only a page of Naaru’s book, not the whole book, and it is impossible to cause any harm to himself. Besides, the roulette god who wrote the book of Online Casino Naru is at most equal to the earth elemental monarch. In terms of hard power, I am afraid

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