Night Ranger Chapter 37 Roulette Holy Sword sports betting and apocalypse

No one thought that Paripesa, the one who stood up in this Betting situation and pointed the finger at Jessica and other Msports people, would be Eve! Although the heir to the Valkyrie, who alone supported the order of the three northern towns, had had unpleasant conflicts with Marvin, in essence, they were both Feinan’s guardians. It is precisely for this reason that Jessica Betway did not go to the Northland to settle accounts with her even though she thought Eve was not pleasing to her eyes. Before that, Eve also wrote to the White River Valley, inviting Ma Wen to go north to contact about the cooperation. Who would have thought that she would stand up when Marvin was at his weakest. It’s just that what she does is not a guardian thing. She wants to kill Marvin. Her eyes said it all. In an instant, Nairabet’s three holy swords kept trembling, and slowly rose from behind her. Behind every holy sword, there is a story. It’s just that under the dust of history, these stories are no longer testable. But this does not hinder the terrifying edge of the holy sword. Jessica also saw with her own eyes that the purple holy sword pierced Mingfeng’s heart in one stroke, crucifying Mingfeng who was about to escape again in the formation of four totems. Compared with Jessica’s angry attitude, the professor seemed much calmer. He has contacts with Feinan Sportybet’s younger generation of strong men, and during the reconstruction of the three towns in the Northland, there was even a Pragmatic Play figure of the Red Copper Dragon. He said slowly, “Why?” Eve raised her head and looked at the copper dragon with clear eyes, “He is the Destroyer of Worlds.” “Nonsense!” Jessica was furious! Eve said lightly: “No matter how much you pretend to be deaf and dumb, you can’t change the fact of BetWinner.” “Actually, as an Apocalypse Warlock, baccarat, you should have known this news earlier than me.

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