Night Ranger 2nd chelsaSlot Games Chapter 12 New World [2 in 1]

In this weird space, everyone can see familiar or unfamiliar figures when looking in all directions. All those who have the qualifications to enter the Tongtian Tower gather here. It’s just that they can all feel an extremely powerful shackle of order covering their bodies. This is the supreme suppression from the ancient wizard god. Marvin can feel that Surebet247 with a single touch of Paripesa, the order chain of the wizard god is 10,000 times stronger than the chain of gods used by dozens of sorcerers before. The chain of gods did not trap Marvin in Spinmatic, but this chain of order made all of Marvin’s abilities live betting in a sealed state! In the data column, all skills are all grayed out. Of course, Marvin wasn’t worried either, the wizard god was definitely not targeting him alone. Although they couldn’t hear other people’s voices, judging from their stunned faces, everyone should have been sealed. This is the first floor of Tongtian Tower. “It seems that the first floor of the Tongtian Tower does not require the use of force.” Marvin silently withdrew his gaze, and his eyes finally focused on the stone tablet. There are many lines and characters on the stele, but Ma Wen has never seen these characters before. These words cannot possibly come from the world of Feinan! Because not only Ma Wen is not familiar with these words, but even the Bet9ja Naru Book and the Book of Wisdom don’t know any of the words on it. This means that the possibility of ancient divine language is directly ruled out. “Could it be the password?” Marvin looked thoughtfully at the performance of the others. Most people seem to have not realized what to do for a while, but many smart Pragmatic play guys in flashscore have already started Nairabet to try to decipher the text on the stone tablet.

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