Dark forebet Night Ranger owes two Spinmatic more

Novel Name Novel Author Classification: Novel: Author: Category: Novel: Author: Category: Ma Wen’s idea is very simple, the authority of the power of apocalypse is so high, even out of supernatural power. Yikanshu·1k requires ans to read hu·cc at least on the plane of Feinan, and the law of the power of apocalypse is above everything else. Then if you can keep this power in your body forever, it will definitely greatly improve your strength. And if you want to keep this power, you need a strong one. Under Jessica’s teaching, he also had a very in-depth understanding of Apocalypse Warlock. The reason why the power of apocalypse is continuously retained in the body of the apocalypse warlock is because they have a mark of apocalypse in their bodies, and their bodies are unique, which can lock these active powers of apocalypse. And when the power of apocalypse is consumed relatively quickly, the imprint of the apocalypse can quickly replenish this power. But the degree of supplementation is always relative. Faced with a strong enemy, the Apocalypse Warlock is very likely to overdraw the power of the Apocalypse Mark itself, resulting in the loss of all Nairabet power. But now, Marvin’s body actually has a small imprint of the apocalypse. The imprint of the apocalypse is the key to mobilizing the power of the apocalypse. This small piece of the imprint of the apocalypse was sent into Marvin’s body by Rory along with the power of the apocalypse. As long as he can lock the imprint of the apocalypse and not lose too much due to natural consumption, then this power will naturally remain in his body for a long time. Marvin thought about it for a long time, and there happened to be something in his body, Paripesa, which was very suitable for locking the imprint and power of the apocalypse! then

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