Night Ranger Chapter 162 Surebet247real madrid

The leader of the Red Road, the advanced legendary career of the exile of the Red Road! This is a very cruel profession, just like when advancing to the level of the red road exile, you need to slaughter at least one village’s population to accumulate blood points for yourself; when the red road exile tries to enter the legend, it will also encounter many obstacles. Their only way is to go all the way to the dark! Kill more people! The leader of the red road in front of Marvin is at least a hundred years old. Although Mozzartbet looks young to him, there are already wrinkles in the subtleties. This is the power of time, a power that even the legendary law cannot resist. And his identification is also very simple. He wears a la liga Red Road Leader Medal on his chest. Ordinary Red Road Exiles would not dare to be so arrogant, but Red Road Leaders can. For ordinary people, this medal is invisible, its attributes are excellent, and it has a good bonus for the leader of the red road whose legendary field is killing. “This guy killed at least ten thousand people…” Marvin silently read the imprint on the medal. According to his understanding of the leader of the Red Road, the poker mark recorded the glory of the leader of the Red Road fighting all the way – but for Marvin, it was cruel by any means. Due to the fact that this profession composed of killing madmen has a hard standard for the number of people killed by Liverpool, so many red road leaders are very low-handedly attacking ordinary people. They slaughtered the unarmed, the old, the weak, women and children, not Pit Demons or High Devils. Pragmatic play They used a sham method to advance to the legend, but under their hands, they were full of innocent blood! For this kind of legend, betting Marvin has always seen one and killed one! Never too much! Not to mention,

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