Dark Night Tour La Liga Man 100 Live Betting Chapter 34 Prestige [Fourth update! 】

Just was stunned. There are still people who are dead or alive! He squinted his eyes and watched the thin boy walk out of the crowd with a girl of similar age. Behind them, followed by a group of refugees. Their eyes were full of hope, but under Just’s gaze, this hope turned into fear. “Where did you come from?” Jisite frowned and said, “Your king doesn’t welcome trash without fighting power!” “This is my last statement, go back wherever you came from! How to say, now, I have the final say here!” “Guards! Drive them away!” “Close the door!” After finishing speaking, Just gave Marvin a disgusted look. This man city Surebet247 boy made him feel a little uncomfortable, even though he was a child, he wouldn’t really kill him, but he had to teach him a lesson. Otherwise, these civilians will really rebel! Thinking of this, he suddenly stretched out his finger, and Betking sang something in a low voice. A black halo fell directly from the sky and landed on Marvin’s body! This halo is enough to make an adult be shrouded in a haze of fear, and scare the shit out of him, not to mention a teenager BetWinner of an ordinary Online Casino! Just smiled with satisfaction, he was going to watch the boy make a fool of himself, and it was also a shock to others. Even he, sitting on the Nairabet wall in the city, watching these people wandering below, is very upset. It’s best to drive away. The refugees showed desperate expressions one after another. The only militia group they could count on was bewildered by Betway Just’s spells. What could this young man do? Seeing him shrouded in that halo of fear, they couldn’t bear it. Leap and the next

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