Night Ranger Chapter 12 Parimatch Chapter 10 God of the Wild! [Third update of the forebet]

“” In an instant, the entire dungeon seemed to be quiet. It was as if the air was sucked dry in an instant, and all the noise disappeared. In the end, only the eternal tranquility remained – and the sound of everyone’s breathing! The Lich’s soul fire is constantly jumping, and the frequency is extremely fast, which means that his soul has entered a state of high tension or alert! Hathaway’s reaction was quick. With her unique witchcraft ability, she directly left the circle of life and death. “That Sportybet voice…” “It’s the voice of God?” Marvin stood on his head with all his hairs on his head, and a icy chill penetrated from his spine to every corner of 1xBet’s body. He had never heard anything like it. Just a few words, a few bytes, even if spoken in jerky lingua franca, can make people feel boundless evil! Even the gang of evil spirit lords in the evil spirit world did not give Marvin such a feeling. At times like this, he kind of wishes his senses weren’t so sharp. Because the sharper the perception, the greater the impact! “Dear tutor, you are thinking too much.” The voice of the lich finally sounded from Liverpool: “The student serves you wholeheartedly with a livescore, just to enable you to recover and roam the universe again!” “Now the god of wizards Lance has disappeared, as long as the ceremony is over, no one in this universe can stop you!” “You don’t have to doubt my loyalty to Nairabet!” Although the lich’s voice sounded calm, Marvin always felt that something was wrong with the bet game. Sea Evolution game Savi’s complexion changed slightly. She could feel that the flower was inlaid in the heart with an ingenious technique. However, after pulling out the Grip of Cold Light, it seems that Betting really released the God of the Wild

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