Night Ranger Chapter 100 Poker Chapter 5 God Surebet247

In the hunting ground that had just rained sulfuric acid, there was still a sour smell in the air. But what is weird about Nairabet is that the earth is dry. Marvin’s footsteps were light, and his whole body merged into the wilderness, turning into an invisible fast shadow that quickly approached. Soon, he arrived near the group of people. “People from the Temple of Dreams?!” Marvin narrowed his eyes, but he wasn’t too nervous. Because these people were not with the two dream guardians. These guys seem like Leap is on his own. “It should be the power of the Dream Temple in the Holy Light City. Betking” Marvin looked around quietly. These people are besieging a very strange beast. There are six eyes on the forehead of this Pragmatic Play Beast, and its whole body is like a baccarat flexible leopard. What’s even more strange is that this leopard actually has the ability to teleport. Even the well-informed Marvin has never seen this rare forebet creature. Does not belong to the abyss, does not belong to hell, does not belong to evil spirits, does not even belong to the astral world! It is very likely to be a monster from ancient times. At this moment, Marvin suddenly felt the imprint on his palm jump. A special kind of insight flooded into his heart instantly: as long as you kill this leopard, you can get a hunter’s mark. “It turns out that they are accumulating hunter marks, and it seems that they are also going to enter the wilderness temple.” “However, it seems that they are very well prepared? It seems that they entered the temple on purpose?” Marvin could see that most of these temple warriors cooperated Perfect, although this leopard is agile and possesses special abilities, NetEnt is completely surrounded in this land. The six temple warriors have very

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