Night Ranger Chapter 90 Wilderness 1xBet Palace Surebet247 Church

Tips: Press → key to quickly turn to the next chapter text Author: Download: “Master, we don’t have much time. That place will open soon. More people are approaching.” In the darkness, A charming voice sounded. The wizard turned around slowly, looked at the woman with bumps and bumps in front of him, and said without any emotion in his eyes: “I will set up an absolutely safe barrier to ensure that the Regis ruins will not be discovered by anyone, and you, you must stay. “The woman was wearing a green dress, and she looked like a fairy. “No, I have to be with you.” “The Temple of the Wilderness is too dangerous. We all know that the God of the Wilderness is an ancient evil god. Slot Games is synonymous with ominousness in ancient times. I must be with you.” Her tone Some worries. The wizard shook his head silently, his eyes looked at the statue again, and his voice was calm and authentic: “Someone must stay in Liverpool and guard Luna.” “This snow-capped mountain must become a restricted area, regardless of north or south , No one can get close to here. There are two more desperate guys trying to get close to the south, flashscore, I need you to deal with them.” The woman hesitated to speak. The wizard waved his hand impatiently: “Okay, it’s settled.” “I will leave the puppy to you, so that you can do things more conveniently.” Without waiting for the woman to respond, he turned and stepped into the darkness among. The woman stood there, silent for a long time. Bet9ja’s statue of a damsel in distress comes to life with a slightly envious gaze. “Thousands of years, I’m still not as good as a statue, a dead god…” “Miss Yinyue, what kind of charm do you have that can make a man fall into love?”

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