Night Ranger Chelsa Chapter 75 Dream Real Madrid Guardian

The sci-fi hater is not a creature of the abyss, but a monster of the astral world. Their appearance is quite similar to that of human beings, but their bodies have been radiated by some mysterious power in the astral world, making them very terrifying. Their bodies are like diamonds, and the magic shackles on their hands and feet are Balkh’s instrument to control them. Killing this abomination would no doubt alert Balkh that someone had set foot in his turf. Few people do this, because it is easy to scare the snake. But Marvin decided to do the opposite. Already two Legendary Assassins have missed, which proves that Barr NetEnthe has a lot of experience in dealing with Legendary Assassins. Although the Lord of the Night is also a legendary rogue, Endorphina, his assassination ability is not as superb as that of the ace assassins. Ma Wenqiang’s ability to fight Mozzartbet head-on-whether it is a one-on-one or a parimatch group fight, the professional characteristics of the master of the night can provide him with a strong boost. Since the normal assassination method could not kill Balkh, Marvin thought it would be better to lure him out and kill him directly. In his instinct, he didn’t want to get close to that demon altar either. God knows if that altar leads to the abyss world, it would be ridiculous to be pulled into the abyss accidentally. This time, no Ben Ding and Jessica could pull themselves back from the outside world. Aoba’s cold light flashed, and the hater of the Premier League couldn’t make a growl, and his head was cut off! Yet Marvin did not let his guard down. The stats panel doesn’t show any experience gained, which means the abomination isn’t dead! Sure enough, sports betting. The hater who lost his head suddenly turned around, and the magic shackles on his hands were violently pulled over! Marvin frowned, and a shadow stepped away from the opponent

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