Night Ranger Chapter 45 Loyalty BetWinnerflashscore Titus

45 Novel Banner When the figures of the five-color dragons disappeared in the center of the altar one by one, the metal dragons finally appeared. “Don’t we really need us to go into the lower world to help you?” The silver dragon Nairabet Stein was still a little worried. He looked at the five people who were about to set off with suspicious eyes: “If you encounter the five-color dragon in the underground temple ——Not in a nightmare, I think it might be a little troublesome.” Marvin smiled wryly, and he had similar worries in his heart. After listening to Professor Real Madrid’s plan, Marvin naturally chose to join. Anyway, I have already joined the excitement, and the professor promised to help me reach the highest jungle with the fastest speed after the matter is over-this is much faster than a griffin riding an unreliable butterfly. Besides, the hatred of the five-color dragons on my body is second only to the evil spirits, so sooner or later I will become enemies with these Evolution game guys, why not cooperate with the metal dragons, first prevent them from gaining power, and then wait for the opportunity , make good use of your Dragon Slaying Spear in the realm of nightmares, maybe there will be unexpected gains. The dragons had no objection to Marvin’s joining. Obviously, the aura on him is still very effective: Dragon Slayer, Plane Destroyer, God Slayer… Although giant dragons rarely pay attention to BGaming human Spinmatic, but when a human has so many earth-shattering deeds Sometimes, they also had to lower their haughty heads and pay their respects to BetWinner. With Marvin joining, the team naturally became four people. Knives master Kang En, a friend of unknown origin, but said to be Kang En. Very reliable female spellcaster Louise, Marvin, plus uses Greater Rumble

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