Dark Night Tour Slot Games Chapter 2 Cataclysm begins Parimatch!

In the heavenly kingdom of God, tall phantoms continue to emerge. Standing in the center are the three tallest phantoms. Their faces are blurred, but they represent the most powerful power among the new affiliateSurebet247 gods! Three gods with great power, they once explored the depths of the wilderness together, and found evidence that the wizard god left this world, and only then did the later meeting of the gods take place. This time to attack the magic pool of the universe, among the thirty-seven new gods who rose up in the third era, twenty-eight new gods chose to participate. The rest of the new gods kept silent. But for them, 28°Cwan°Cshu°Cba, w+ww.wa$nshu→broulettea.co≈m gods are enough to make a move. Although the Cosmic Magic Pool is a treasure left to this world by the gods of Livescore Lance, it has been in operation for too many years. Especially in the last millennium, because of the advent of the wizarding age, both the number of wizards and the number of witchcraft used have skyrocketed. Corresponding to this is the sudden increase in the load of the universe magic pool. It has started to show cracks, but it can still function for the second millennium if no one helps it. However, the declaration of the judgment of the gods is not a joke. After the declaration, it was the official attack. All the phantoms formed a circle, and the terrifying divine power began to wreak havoc around Feinan! “It’s time to destroy, Cosmic Demon Pool.” The phantom in the center murmured in a low voice! In the next second, the berserk divine power baccarat hit directly! The sky is falling apart! At this moment, everyone woke up from their sleep. The dark sky looked so hideous, cracks flashed past. God’s declaration of judgment is repeated in the ears of man city

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