Night Ranger Chapter 22Bet Ninety-six The boy of the days of Endorphina

96 Novel Banner, a star beast that is about to wake up! For Feinan, this would be a very terrifying crisis. Although in Marvin’s speculation, Eric’s soul may not be completely shattered, but partly integrated into the soul of the star beast. But this is just his speculation. What’s more, even if Eric’s soul is dominated by the star beast, God knows what will happen to the tortured apprentice back then. In this world, the most terrifying thing is not the power to destroy the world. It is whether the controller of this power has enough heart to control it. In the remains of the star beast, the aura of the soul became more and more intense. A kind of online casino life force is waking up, it is still lying there, Nairabet, but it puts a great pressure on the two of them! “Oops, let’s go!” Ibrahimovic’s face changed drastically. Marvin had never seen him so nervous! This guy is a man Betting dared to challenge even the ancient red dragon Earl, but in front of this terrifying star beast, even he changed color! It shows the horror of this star beast! The two of them were ready to retreat quickly, hoping to leave the secret garden betting before the star beast fully woke up. However, at this moment, a weak voice appeared next to the ears of the two of them: “Don’t… go.” “I won’t hurt anyone…” It was a weak voice, but the tone was extremely firm. “Eric?” Marvin asked tentatively. “You know my name?” The voice seemed a little excited. His voice became more and more steady. The vitality originating from the star beast is constantly bursting out. Marvin nodded slightly. Eric sighed in a low voice and said, “Old

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