Night Ranger Chapter 82 Cataclysm advances the premier league 【forebet please recommend】

The mystery of the ancestors suddenly reacted at this time, which Marvin did not expect in any case. ●⌒, after all, this thing is essentially a sealed item, used to seal the head of the devil lord. Ever since he put it on, the head of the devil lord has become very peaceful, and there has never been a figure of the old man in black around the White River Valley. As for the mystery of the ancestors itself, there have been no changes. However, the moment he stepped into the secret garden, the pair of magical bracelets on his wrists became hot. This surprised Marvin. However, he didn’t go to the Online Casino immediately to check the abnormality of the mystery of the ancestors, but calmly observed the situation around him. The entrance of the secret garden Surebet247 is a green field. The champions league in the field is full of various crops. Even the trails are planted with refreshing small flowers and grasses. The fragrant breath condenses in the air, which seems to be a Very beautiful place for wonderful slot games. But Marvin knew that all of this was just an illusion condensed by the Potion King. Ever since he stepped into the secret garden, his every move has been under the control of Eric, the king of potions. The surrounding scenery may be real, or it may be nothingness. “No, the top priority is to get out of here first.” “There are many buildings in the Lost Villa that can be used as cover, otherwise if I check the anomalies of the mystery of the ancestors here, I might bump into other intruders soon.” Marvin made up his mind and activated the ability to perceive the earth. He tried to use his mind to communicate with this space and build a bridge. But Endorphina is this space BGaming is essentially

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