Dark Night Livescore Man Chapter 67 Online Casino heads-up! [Fifth update! 】

While the red copper dragon looked up and down at Marvin, the people watching from a distance couldn’t help being dumbfounded. They originally thought that the appearance of the red copper dragon was also because of the crying sky. After all, this magical weapon is the taboo of the Dragon Clan. As the owner of the roulette, Robin will inevitably be attacked by all the dragons. But now it seems that they are not only wrong, but also very wrong! This Robin seems to have a good friendship with this red copper dragon. “This guy, who the hell is he! Why didn’t he have any background before?” “Yeah, it seems to have appeared out of thin air. First, he tore the black dragon Clark with his hands, and then started Pragmatic Play with Saruha. The red copper dragon has friendship.” Everyone was speechless and envious. Seeing the black dragon fleeing, the battle probably came to an end. In fact, the same is true. After talking with Marvin for a few words, the Red Copper Dragon turned into a human form, accepted BetWinner’s invitation from Marvin’s Mozzartbet, and entered the City of Hope as a guest! This scene is seen by caring people, and they feel even more horrified. Some people in the big casino slots have dispersed. There is only one thought in everyone’s mind: Luanshishan is about to rise! The unexpected visit of Professor Red Copper Dragon surprised Marvin with two rather difficult primordial black dragons. But that’s pretty much the best outcome. If you continue to put down the flashscore, Marvin’s life may also be in danger. After all, those are two ancient black dragons. The professor didn’t stay for long, he just passed by here and smelled the black dragon’s raging breath. So fly over to Spinmatic and have a look. As a result, as soon as he arrived, he scared the black dragon away from real madrid. Marvin seemed to see some regret on his face. this guy, if

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