Night Ranger Fifth Leap Chapter 12 Premier League Slayer

Ma Paripesawen was not surprised at all that the Tarantula mercenary chelsa corps appeared so quickly. ¥℉man city, after all, the entire Saruha is circular, and I spent a lot of time in the arsenal. This time is enough for the pale hand to lead them around from the other side. The ancient altar was occupied by evil spirits, after killing them, there would be no benefit at all. Most of Saruha’s essence is in the arms area and control room. Of course they came from the arsenal. But unfortunately, the treasures in the arsenal are all guarded by powerful armed constructs. Unless he can enter the correct password, Parimatch gets nothing but merciless slaughter. Ma Wen hid in the dark, counted the number of Tarantula mercenaries a little bit, and felt a little trembling in his heart: 1xBet “It’s two-thirds less.” “Almost all wiped out, they and the big guys in Endorphina’s arsenal Have you fought?” Marvin knew in his heart that even with Pale Hand leading them, it would be difficult for ordinary people like them to take advantage of Saruha. Perhaps, change to a legendary Nairabet class, such as a legendary monk, or a legendary barbarian. Wandering around, even the pale hand who is most proficient in attacking and killing will be very painful in the face of iron bumps. It’s like holding a sharp knife in your hand, but what you are facing is a turtle shell, which cannot be pierced no matter how you poke it. There is no doubt that they arrived here after going through a lot of fighting. Marvin’s eyes were burning, and it could be seen that, except for Skye himself who was relatively normal, the rest of the people were more or less injured. It’s not that Marvin is insidious. He was not very optimistic about this Saruha expedition.

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