Night Ranger flashscore Liverpool Chapter 39 Nightmare Spar

Turning the corner ahead, a dark hall appeared in front of Marvin. However, in the next second, Marvin ran away without hesitation! His running speed was silent, reaching the limit of human running speed in an instant! Gwen was taken aback for a moment, but he didn’t think too much, and went after him directly. “What are you Mozzartbet doing?” He lowered his voice and asked Leap in astonishment. To be honest, if Gervin didn’t think he knew Marvin well enough, and this guy’s previous performance was really eye-catching, he wouldn’t be betting all right and get nervous and run around with this guy! This is Saruha, the youngsters of those Pathfinders just saw it too. The monsters in the first wave of ambushes were at the level of the Tongue Demon. How powerful should the monsters inside be? Gewen couldn’t imagine that he was here to join in the fun this time, because he lost the trace of the holy blood roulette, and he was fine. He heard that Saruhari has a rare herb that can suppress blood hunger*thirst The attack seems to help naturalize the dark party, so he came. But he didn’t come to die. Marvin ran so frantically, although it was silent, what if he stepped on some mechanism? The young Evolution game vampire hesitated slightly. But Marvin ignored him at all. He activated the agility of God, and ran wildly in the dark hall at the limit of human running speed! Gwen gritted his teeth, and finally followed. Although his agility is not as high as Marvin, but with some vampire talents, he can barely keep up with Marvin. It’s just more difficult than poker! Two minutes later, Marvin stopped suddenly. The vampire was taken aback by him. Also stopped immediately. “You’re doing it until the end of the premier league

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