Night Ranger Chapter 25 Champions League half a year [Msports fifth update! 】

The double paper figurine hugged Marvin and quickly came to Hathaway’s side. [abet games: This site has changed to a new website Betway, shorthand method:,.] Hathaway frowned champions league. When Shadow Thief went there, there were six paper doubles, but now there are only two. The other four should all be used for Marvin’s death. There is not much time left for him. Seeing Hathaway, the substitute paper figurine suddenly laughed dryly, and disappeared in place very consciously. Marvin stared blankly at Hathaway, just about to say, “You Nairabet…” “Shut up!” Hathaway interrupted coldly. Marvin was silent. Now she is exactly the appearance of a sixteen-year-old girl. Although her complexion is stern, she carries a charming charm no matter what. A word to shut up is worth a thousand words. “Let Lord Xiao send you to the mother of all things immediately, you can still be saved.” “If you are so careless next time, no one will be able to save you.” She said in a low voice. Hathaway turned her body slightly, looked at the barren sky, and a white light flowed in the distance! That was her magic carpet. She is leaving. From the beginning to the end, Marvin couldn’t say a word except for the word “you”. Hathaway took one last look at Spinmatic, and was just about to step on the magic carpet, but was hugged by Marvin. “You…” She exclaimed, but her resistance was interrupted instantly. Because her lips were gently blocked by Marvin. Although it was just a slight tap, Marvin could still feel the trembling of her body. He stared seriously into her eyes: “I understand who you made a deal with.” “Be careful, she is… more unfathomable than you think…” “Trust me, give me half a year Time. I will redeem you.” Hathaway forebet heart

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