Night Ranger Chapter 11 Betting Idol [Fourth Update 22Bet! 】

The figure of Ma Wen in the text is as fast as lightning, and the timing is just right! However, after this knife la liga, the killing experience is still not obtained! The head of the high priest was suspended in the air, and a mysterious force seemed to be about to take effect. Marvin sneered, turned his body around, and suddenly Bet9ja kicked that head! Under the watchful eyes of everyone, the high priest’s head was kicked away by Marvin. The Cerberus roared, opened its head very cooperatively, and then swallowed the high priest’s head in one gulp! He roared to the sky, and all the fanatics and warriors took a step back. Such a scene is simply shocking! “The soul has entered the belly of a purgatory creature, and you still want to be resurrected? Surebet247” Marvin’s eyes flashed a sneer, and under the unbelievable eyes of all the priests, he accelerated and began to crazily harvest the lives of the priests ! Although these priests had divine power to protect their bodies, they were all splashed by the acid of the hellhound, and their armor was weakened a lot. Ma Wen harvested, it was easy and happy! The scene is completely one-sided. One Liverpool person, one dog@▼. The temple of the Shadow Evolution game that was killed has collapsed like a chicken and a dog! Whether it was the commoners on the streets of the capital, Betting, the royal nobles in the inner courtyard of the palace, or the Oran mage and the great elder who were fighting hard, they all stopped. Everyone stared blankly at the tragic scene in the sky. His Premier League felt panic for no reason! The high priest is dead! High Priest of the Temple of Shadows! The super strong man who was blessed by the gods was beheaded by a visitor from another plane. Her head was swallowed into the belly of the hell dog

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