Night Ranger returns to 22Bet to update the Evolution game outbreak notice

Everything was done yesterday, and some things have been settled. Of course, some were provocative, and some extreme fans or black people are still going on. I ignore these things. We don’t fight, we just code words. I hope that book friends who really love this book will not pick things up. Sports betting is really unnecessary, there are only a few books in the game world, why bother to fight to the death. In terms of plot, I began to slowly fill in the settings. Of course, it will not be written in a long way, and it will still be written in an interspersed manner, which will not affect the progress and plot of the story. I always think that the setting serves the story. Therefore, the Betking rational party and the fundamentalist party should not bother to criticize forebet, it is really unnecessary. Careful readers can probably already feel the general structure of this book. The cataclysm is a major turning point, and the plane war is the bigger stage! Feinan is big, but our Leap journey is a sea of ​​stars—ahem, will it be a bit parimatch vulgar… I saw someone doubting whether I could write 300w words on Longkong yesterday, but coconut has no idea. Because of this fast-paced writing, I really haven’t seen Spinmatic in other books at the starting point. Most of the books, at least in the mid-term, will start to drag a bit of drama. After all, writing a book is too intense and exhausting both physically and mentally. But no, I’m still forcing myself to maintain this high-intensity and fast-paced plot advancement. It’s a bit tiring, but poker is as long as everyone likes it, coconuts are happy. If you can’t write less than 3 million, you can’t write it. If you finish writing the outline in as many words, we will finish it happily, and we will never be sloppy! A book is a bet game fate, there is always a time when the song ends, the story must be told happily, and the end must be done

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