The Night Ranger Chapter 231 livescore liverpool crazy Clark

0 Around the altar, there is a circle of black spells drawn. These incantations are all written in ancient divine language and used to communicate the power of wraiths. Standing on the edge of the altar, Marvin could feel that the power of those dying creatures was being sucked into the altar continuously, rumble! This is the power of sacrifice. In the center of the altar is a suspended black dragon scale. Sixteen dark elf guards stood ready. Although Liverpool is guarded by Celestial Insight, they are still dedicated to their duties. If it was before, Marvin might still be afraid of being caught by the opponent’s perception, but now Surebet247, Marvin who has the Erickson brooch, can swing back and forth in front of them a few times without hesitation. be found! That’s the power of legendary items. In fact, if this brooch hadn’t been nourished by the god of etiquette for a long time, this treasure would not be legendary, but a real artifact! Spinmatic But in that case, Marvin can’t use it. A real artifact cannot be driven by a virtual godhead. And this brooch also requires divinity to wear Bet9ja. Marvin has two divinity points, so he naturally meets the wearing conditions. At the moment, he didn’t care about the chaotic battle in the sky, and quickly approached the altar. He found a gap, and quietly took out three clay pots! The contents of these three clay pots are all a special kind of liquid – lava! This is one of the few items in the flashscore world of Fei Betting that can destroy the dragon scales of the dark dragon god. The three pots of lava are the most that all the warlocks in City of Hope can gather. Must hit the ground running! Marvin took a deep breath. In the next second, he suddenly exerted force and continuously

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