Night Ranger Chapter 218 King Kong Pragmatic play is not bad! [Sixth update! chelsa】

Text Golden blood is indeed the safest among many treasures that break through the shackles of blood. From the beginning to the end, Marvin didn’t feel any discomfort except that he strongly felt the power of Endorphina. With the power of golden blood helping man city to play Slot Games, his occult level came to level 6. At the same time, his physical fitness has also been improved by leaps and bounds under the activated blood power. His physique has increased a little, which is a surprise. And his life value has also been strengthened by 145 points! This is quite a powerful increase. 1xBet Marvin looked in the mirror and found that his body was indeed stronger than before. Of course, these are external changes. The real change is still in the profession of the magician. The magic shape warlock of the second level of the Evolution game began to have more spells, instead of the first level, only (temporarily increasing Charisma by 2 points) and (control spells). It’s just that these spells were not mastered by Marvin at the first promotion. In the magician’s spell list, five or six new spells appeared, but they were all in gray form. This means that it will take a certain amount of time before he can use these practical and powerful spells! The profession of a warlock is tall, rich and handsome. He eats, eats and plays all day long. Once the time comes, FlashScore will naturally be able to master some spells. This is a very live betting that makes other professions, especially those who work hard in combat, envious. These spells are temporarily unavailable, but Marvin believes they will come in handy soon. most critical. It’s still the professional specialty of a warlock—! The previous impermanence brought Marvin two forms: the beast form and the shadow form Paripesa. After this part-time advancement, everything is impermanent

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