Night Ranger Chapter 175 Magic Roulette Mirror Fan Betking Palace

The first volume of the nobleman who lost his territory Author Nairabet: Dark Blue Coconut Juice Work: Permanent domain name of this site The woman in white seems to have never expected that there are people ambushing near the White Deer Cave! The powerful entanglement technique immediately had a miraculous effect. “_新_思_路_中_文_网www.LZOm Dedicated Casino Slot” Under the effect of Madeline’s spell, her body was directly thrown twenty or thirty meters away! In the next second, where her body flew, a baccarat random door suddenly opened. Madeline mercilessly threw her into any door directly. She used this spell very skillfully, and in the blink of an eye, the fraudster was eighty meters away from Betway. At this time, the gate of the White Deer Cave was about to be closed. Ma Wen rushed in without hesitation, and Madeline naturally followed closely behind. They had just stepped into the gate of the White Deer Cave, and a powerful force surrounded them, attracting them respectively. Marvin just felt dizzy for a while! Outside the cave, the figure of the fraudster suddenly disappeared in place. Just when the stone door was about to close, a rumble squirrel jumped down from above with great flexibility, and got in calmly. “Fortunately, I took precautions. I didn’t expect that someone would take advantage of the opening of the White Deer Cave.” The fraudster was angry. If she hadn’t deliberately used a clone spell to distract Madeline’s attention, maybe this mission would be messed up this time. I worked so hard to lure out the White Deer of the Holy Spirit, but someone else picked the Betway fruit? She can’t bear this kind of thing! Both the man and the woman must die! When the squirrel thought so. Also controlled by the powerful attraction in the cave, I can’t help but

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