Betting Night Ranger Chapter 135 Beauty Spinmatic Woman and the Beast

Text Warlock, Beast Form! The Anzura bear’s roar resounded through the White River Valley again, and he ran crazily on the river beach. After Marvin raised the level of the Warlock, although he didn’t gain any more abilities, the strength of the Anzura Bear’s la liga also increased accordingly. Most importantly, Marvin was pleasantly surprised to find that some of his skills could also be used in the beast form. For example—explode! “Anzura Bear?” “It’s just a sports betting beast!” Zhu’s body was floating on the surface of the Baihe River, looking at Marvin with some disdain. Now that the face has been torn apart, there is no need to procrastinate. Just wipe out the village in one go, and then use mind control to control Marvin. It’s a pity, since his acting skills are so good, I don’t know where this country bumpkin saw his flaws. Otherwise, you can use him as bait to find the whereabouts of the remaining legends. If they killed Marvin and destroyed the White River Valley now, those four legends would definitely be alarmed. Once the other party was prepared, it would be much more troublesome to take revenge. These flashed through Zhu’s mind, and he hated Ma Wen even more when he looked at the big stupid bear. “Go to hell!” She raised her hand abruptly, preparing Spinmatic to release a magic spell. Who knew that at this moment, the human bear, which was still far away from her, suddenly accelerated—its hind legs stepped fiercely on the ground, and the entire river beach was constantly shaking! break out! The burst used in the human-bear state is very terrifying. The huge Mozzartbet’s human bear rose from the ground like a cannonball, and directly rushed towards the bamboo. The latter panicked suddenly – because it all happened too fast. Her magic is not yet ready for Betting

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