Night Ranger Chapter 109 Betting Awakening under the Glacier! [Fifth update! 】

Text divinity! Marvin never dreamed that Endless Ocean would give him such a great gift! He had known for a long time that no matter which avatar of the scarlet patriarch was killed, there would be a little bit of divinity left – after all, he was the second son of the world-destroying pair of snakes. But with so many legends, Marvin didn’t intend to covet this bit of divinity. Besides, even if Surebet247 Leap wanted this bit of divinity, he didn’t have a container to store it, otherwise he would have kept the bit of divinity on the Lich’s severed finger. But now, he has a virtual godhead! Virtual Godhead refers to everything that can replace Godhead to store Nairabet’s divinity. It may be a magical object of the astral plane, or it may be a product of alchemy. The virtual godhead of Endless Ocean seems to be an adventure from a different plane. It seems that she and Constantine have similar things. This little divinity of Sportybet has allowed Marvin’s body to undergo an all-round transformation! First of all, there are a few very domineering records: you have obtained virtual godhood and divinity (1) your life value is 100, your strength is 1, agility is 1, constitution is 1, intelligence is 1, perception is 1, and charm is 1. The resistance in all aspects has increased… All attributes 1! This is the benefit of divinity. Marvin’s body, which was originally extremely weak, began to recover a lot of strength under the nourishment of divinity. Dexterity directly breaks through 25 points, even if he doesn’t need the chaos master Man City, he can still use Glimpse! Every piece of data has been improved a little. This is equivalent to a full increase of 12 levels! This battle is worth it! In addition to the harvest of divinity. Marvin also received the title of chelsa, the legendary slayer. Although the effect of this title is uncomfortable

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