Night Leap Ranger Chapter 96 Live Betting The Terrifying Silver Thread [Third update! 】

The Cobra King Snake’s reaction was faster than Marvin had imagined. , his attention was basically attracted by the shadow avatar, but 1xBet was still able to use its killer weapon at the last moment-basilisk transformation! This is a magic spell, which is instantaneous, so it can protect his life in time. But Marvin didn’t panic, because he also foresaw this situation. He had already guessed that the King Cobra might not be so easy to kill, so he had a second plan! Marvin is like this, every time he fights, he will arrange many backup players. It is this cautious way of thinking that makes him the strongest master. “It doesn’t matter if you force this guy into a basilisk, his magical skills won’t work!” “It’s easier to kill a basilisk than to kill a defensive magician!” Marvin said. I thought so in my heart. At this moment, under the control of the basilisk, the densely packed poisonous snakes that were summoned before suddenly rushed over! Marvin responded calmly, facing the swarm of poisonous snakes, he knew he had only one chance. After two breaths, a large number of poisonous snakes were about to surround him. He pulled out the Liaoyuan of Rage and activated the spell on it! Burning fire! The ruthless magic flame burned the livescore of the poisonous snake’s body, instantly turning these ordinary poisonous snakes into dried snakes! Even the gigantic basilisk backed away. Snakes are very sensitive to temperature, and anger is their nemesis. Although the basilisk is transformed from the king cobra, it has human thinking and control. But the instinctive fear is still unavoidable. And when Betway was at NetEnt, Marvin’s second plan

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