The Night Ranger Chapter 84 betting chelsa’s grandfather’s secret

The moment the text saw the big devil’s head, Marvin’s ear suddenly heard the strange singing that he heard in the secret passage! Scalp tingling. The big devil stared at Marvin with three eyes, with a half-smile on his face. Below Msports is a dilapidated map with some code words that Marvin can’t understand. These secret words of man city are all transformed from the ancient Anzedi language through some kind of encryption method. “Is there really an Evolution game relationship with the people of Anze…” “The head of the great devil… the devil…” Marvin fell into deep thought. It is well known that the Anzedi people are of wizard origin, and it is said that they have a very close relationship with the devil. They take advantage of each other live betting, and occasionally form alliances, but they will not hesitate to betray each other when necessary. The relationship between the Anzetian roulette and the devil is not clear, but Marvin knows that the language of hell is very similar to the ancient Anzedi language. Some people also say that the Anzedi people are actually descendants of the devil. There were different opinions, and even Marvin couldn’t know the specific situation. He could only infer from the map that the location pointed to by the so-called treasure map was indeed under his own castle. Ma Wen is still unclear about the content of the secret language. So he asked Dosiroa: “What does this secret word mean?” Dosiroa shook his head: “I don’t know.” “Then how do you know this is a treasure map, not a random drawing? Marvin sneered, completely disbelieving Dosi Loa’s nonsense. “Really.” Doshilo Spinmatica swore hastily: “I really don’t know.” “This treasure map was given to me by an old man. Because I saved his Endorphina’s life, he said it was a reward for me.” .This is a

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