Night Casino Slot Ranger Chapter 70 Magician! [La liga 1st update after staying up late]

Text text ps: Read the exclusive story behind “” and listen to your more suggestions on the novel, pay attention to the official account of the starting point (add friends on WeChat, add the official account and enter qdrebet gamead), and tell me quietly! ………………part time? When these data flashed before Marvin’s eyes, he suddenly shuddered, and woke up under the stimulation of the cold and pain! Pooh lay quietly beside him, as if he had passed out! He looked up sharply. “Affiliate here is… a pothole…” “Fortunately, the pothole is not very deep. After I passed out, Pooh must have carried me on his back, and accidentally fell into it!” Marvin hurried to check Pooh The latter’s complexion is flushed, his limbs are cold, the situation is not very good! Pooh’s physique is weaker than Marvin’s, only 7 points! Even after taking anti-cold medicine, the effect is not so significant. What’s more, at this point in time, the effect of anti-cold medicine has already begun to weaken. The temperature is too low. If chelsa drags on, Pooh’s life will be in danger! Marvin took a deep baccarat breath and stretched his muscles. He originally thought that his physical condition would be very poor, but who knew that after making a move, he found that there was no serious problem. Wait… that casino Slot is a part-time job! Marvin immediately checked his data panel. Sure enough, next to the ranger, night walker, nobleman, blacksmith and other professions, there is an additional profession, firmly occupying the position of the first part-time job! The name of this profession is very odd. At least 90% of Feinan’s people had never heard of this profession. “It’s actually” “I thought I was a shadow warlock before la liga. I didn’t expect that at this time, the potential of my blood was stimulated.” Ma Wenxin

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