Night Ranger Fifth BetWinner Chapter Sixteen Great live betting Elf King!

Wu Sheng! A very simple legendary class. ≧Apex novels, x. does not have such a fancy name as other professions, it is simply a warrior who has practiced a weapon to the extreme! Spiritual Surebet247 Lingwu Sheng is basically very rare. The wood elves’ talents mainly focus on witchcraft and archery, and most of them are wizards, premier leagues, and rangers. Feinan hadn’t seen an Elven Martial Saint for at least four or five hundred years! “Sure enough, Ibrahimovic is already a legendary BetWinner!” Ma Wen breathed a sigh of relief, seeing Ibrahimovic breaking the knowledge compass, the situation suddenly reversed. No matter how powerful Kalei is, he is only a quasi-legendary. In front of the real legendary professional martial artist, he has no chance of winning! Before Kalei regained his strength, Ibrahimovic suddenly erupted, and the Wushuang sword completely locked Kalei. The movement of the broken sword in his hand is very simple, just the most basic chopping and provocation! However, it is such a simple trick that radiates great power in the hands of Ibrahimovic Parimatch. boom! Cross it! After four simple moves, Kalei watched in horror as his scythe was cut off! Because Ibrahimovic’s four consecutive sword strikes all hit one point! Those who can reach martial arts have their own unparalleled sword power. Although Ma Wen didn’t know which kind of Ibrahimovic’s unparalleled sword power, but it must have something to do with the live betting attribute of shattering! The Liaoyuan of Rage bestowed upon Marvin by the old blacksmith has the attribute of Fragmentation. This attribute is very powerful, that is, every time you attack, it is possible to crush the opponent’s weapon! The specific judging effect of sports betting is related to the hidden Leap attribute of the weapon – the texture. The broken sword in Ibrahimovic’s hand obviously doesn’t have any shattering properties.

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